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Evaluation of the 2009 Code

The first publication of the Code dates from 2004. This version has been reviewed in detail and has resulted in the 2009 Code. Since, the Committee has done numerous efforts to invest further in good governance. Different explanatory notes have been developed with the aim of helping the listed companies implementing good governance practices.

Four years after the publication of the 2009 Code, the question of an evaluation of the 2009 Code arises. To receive an answer to this question, the Committee inquired an independent study from Allen & Overy. The study discusses several specific themes and places the 2009 Code in comparison to the codes of several neighbouring countries.

On the basis of this study and a private meeting with the chairmen and CEOs of the listed companies, the Committee has decided that there is (yet) no need to adapt the Code 2009.

On 21 November 2016, the chairman of the Corporate Governance Committee, Thomas Leysen, announced that in 2017 it will review the 2009 Belgian Code on Corporate Governance.